(price listed includes basic jewelry)

  • navel: 75
  • lobe: 65(each)
  • helix: 65
  • daith: 65
  • rook: 65
  • tragus: 65
  • conch: 65
  • industrial: 115
  • lip/labret/upper lip: 65
  • nostril: 65
  • vertical lip: 75
  • septum: 65
  • female genital: 115
  • male genital: 130
  • cheeks: 75(each); consultation required first.
  • eyebrow: 75
  • surface anchors: 65
  • surface bar piercing: 75
  • nipple: 70(each)
  • tongue: 70

Some of the piercings I do not preform:

  • smiley
  • tongue webbing
  • anything on the hands or arms
  • snake eyes or any off center tongue piercings

Appointments must be booked a minimum of 24 hours in advance to ensure that I can prepare accordingly. You will need to pay the entire piercing fee ($40 for standard and $80 for genitals) as your deposit. The time and date of your appointment may be changed as long as you contact me at least 12 hours before your appointment time. If you do not show up for your appointment, you will lose your deposit. If you show up late to your appointment without notice, you lose your deposit. If you give me notice that you are running late your deposit is still applied to your piercing total, however, you will lose you appointment time slot and I will take other clients that are waiting before you. DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Thank you!

NOTE: If you are a minor coming in for a piercing please read the Piercings for Minors section of my website thoroughly to ensure you bring in all the necessary paperwork. 

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