February Updates

I'm happy to say that the Valentines Day special was a success. I'll have to think of other specials/sales/promotions I can do in the future. Maybe I'll do a spring sale in April so keep an eye out!

I will now be selling aftercare(sea salt) in cute little tins. For those of you who don't have time to get the grocery store to pick up some sea salt after getting a piercing, this will make things a little more convenient. I also just got in a shipment of gift boxes that I will be stamping my logo on. These got here just in time because I'm finally starting to fill up the jewelry case with some really nice pieces. If you know someone with piercings, high quality body jewelry can make a great gift. If you don't know what size jewelry they wear, or what they want, I also have gift certificates available.

Don't forget to vote for Tattoo Paradise for Best Tattoo Shop of DC for 2014!!! Seriously they deserve it! I've been getting tattooed by them for years and I'm so stoked to finally work with such talented artists.